Experienced Property Investors

We can help with diversifying your portfolio, locating properties in growth areas and ensuring you are on the right path to future wealth.

If you’re thinking of expanding your investment property portfolio, you are likely to be dealing with these questions.

  •     "Where should I purchase my next investment property?"
  •     "What type of property should I purchase?"
  •     "Are there better options out there?"
  •     "Is my finance structured correctly and am I restricting my options by having all my loans with one lender?"
  •     "In whose name or entity should I purchase the next property?"


Pfeiffer Property can help you resolve all of these concerns. We welcome you to book an appointment with Scott Pfeiffer below.

You'll find more information in 'Our Guides', such as how diversifying your portfolio in different states can save you money on land tax.  If you'd like to see how we've been able to help our existing clients, please review our Testimonials.