Property Investment Planning

Your Financial Freedom through Residential Property Investment

Pfeiffer Property is a complete property investment advice service.  Our ability to oversee the whole property investment process makes it easy and simple for you!

We don't just cover one base, we cover them all, from helping you determine if you can afford an investment property right through to helping you maintain it and maximise your returns over the long term.

If you're not sure where to start, we welcome you to book an appointment with Scott Pfeiffer below.  Go to 'Our Guides' to find out more information from our Tips Sheets and FAQs.

We'll help you determine if property investment is right for you

Setting goals is a very important part of wealth planning.  We look at this aspect and we can also involve an experienced financial adviser as part of our process.  Such a professional can advise you if property investment can form part of your overall plan for the future.

We'll help you secure a sustainable loan

We have access to very experienced mortgage brokers who know how to structure the most suitable finance for you.

We'll help you find and purchase your investment property

Part of our process is researching and securing the right property, at the right time, in the right place - reducing the risks involved in the property investment process.

We'll help you obtain quality tenants and manage the property

We can introduce you to trusted property managers who have a track record of excellent communication with property investors and who provide a professional and valuable service.  We recognise how important this is, especially when you purchase properties outside of your local area.

We'll help you to minimise your risks and costs

The whole Pfeiffer Property process is focussed on minimising risks and costs associated with property investment.  After all, we are taking part in providing for your financial future!